DYI: Lacy Candlelight

by Dominique on October 12, 2012

Halloween is one of my favorite “holidays” – not for the dressing up or the many excuses to eat too much candy, but for the festive decorations that truly signal that fall is here. One weekend in September, I stumbled on Family Circle magazine and perused their ideas for getting your home ready for Halloween. The issue has some great, non-cheesy, ideas such as the Scary Crow ladder and the regal Pumpkin Table Setting, but I really loved the Gothic Dining Table and decided to give it a try.
My DYI experience is after the jump :)  
Materials: An assortment of lace (I went to Jo-Ann Fabric), parchment paper, candles, cylinder shaped candle holders, spray adhesive, a pair of scissors, double sided tape and a pencil (most items can be found at Michaels)I only went with one truly Halloween inspired lace with spiders on it and two other styles that I felt would compliment the overall desired effect (the fourth piece on the left I plan to use after the holiday to cover up the spider candle holder)To spray the adhesive on the lace, I chose a cardboard box background to ensure that no dye from magazines or newspaper would transfer over onto the parchment paper. It’s also great for cleanup purposes – simply throw away the sticky boxTo measure the parchment paper, you can trace the parchment paper around the cylinder or use a tape measure.
Once dry, cut the now laced parchment paper and wrap it around your cylinder then secure the two sides with double sided permanent tape…..and VIOLA!!! I LOVE how they turned out and it’s definitely much cheaper than any store bought version. They also make the perfect gift, whether holiday inspired or not.

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Vicki October 12, 2012

Love this upscale Halloween decorating idea. The candles look fab.


Angie October 14, 2012

Very cool, I really like the first one it would be great year round!
(\ /)
( . .)


Dominique October 19, 2012

Thanks Angie! I plan to keep them up year around and just swap out a different lace for the spider one.


Hell Notes for Beauty October 20, 2012

Oh my you did a fantastic job and they look like they came from a fancy boutique!


Megan February 26, 2013

Do you have to have a glass cylinder for it to go around or they could be free standing on tables?


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